For those who take Rashad Khalifa’s words in the newsletter to heart, two questions arise:

Why is it so difficult to accept that Rashad Khalifa was only 22 days off on the smoke prophecy being fulfilled on Jan 22, 1991, but incorrect on the cause of the smoke (asteroid)? The same newsletter states, “..a divinely authorized retribution of this magnitude comes to pass ONLY and soon after the sending of God’s messenger (17:15).”

Why do you so easily accept that Rashad Khalifa can be mistaken by decades about the timing, but must be right on the asteroid as the cause of the smoke? By accepting that Rashad Khalifa was wrong on the timing you are also stating that he was wrong on 17:15 and 44:13, that the retribution occurs soon after sending a messenger.

Have you considered the circumstance that had Rashad Khalifa not published anything on the smoke prophecy in the March 1990 newsletter, chances are you would have no problem in accepting that the smoke prophecy was fulfilled on Jan 22, 1991. After all, the day, the month, and the year of both the solar and lunar dates add up to multiples of 19. In addition, the smoke effected the Arabs and was a worldwide phenomenon which lasted 10 months. Rashad Khalifa’s words in the March 1990 newsletter make it impossible for you to believe in the fulfillment of the Quran prophecy. Give this some thought. The hindrance to your believing is Rashad Khalifa’s words rather than the clear words of the Quran.